October 13, 2016

Dr. Carhart’s Clinics

Dr. Carhart’s Clinics

Dr. Carhart has two clinic locations

You can find map links and other contact information here.


1002 W. Mission Ave
Bellevue, Nebraska 68005
AbortionClinics.Org: (800) 737-3845
Fax: (402) 291-4643



10401 Old Georgetown Road Suite #104
Bethesda, Maryland 20814
AbortionClinics.Org: (800) 737-3845
Fax: (402) 291-4643

The home office is in Bellevue, Nebraska (Just minutes outside of Omaha).
This clinic provides abortion services up to 21 weeks 6 days from your last menstrual period (LMP)

The D.C. Metro Area location is in Bethesda, Maryland.
This clinic provides abortion services thru ALL legal gestations.

“For almost seven years, Dr. Carhart and his team of dedicated professionals has served the
community in Germantown, Maryland, and patients from across the country.
It’s heartbreaking that anyone would want to take health care away from women and families by
targeting our clinic.

Dr. Carhart and his team remain committed to providing quality, patient-centered care throughout pregnancy. Our team is working hard to keep care available and we are considering our options looking toward the future.”