October 12, 2016

Post Abortion Instructions

Post Abortion Instructions

What to Expect After an Abortion:

  • Bleeding and flow: Bleeding usually occurs for 2-3 weeks and may be “off and on” for up to 6 weeks. Bleeding can be heavier than a normal period or you could not bleed at all. You also may pass some clots.
  • Cramping: Is common and may occur “off and on” for 2 weeks after the abortion. Over the counter medications such as Tylenol may be used as well as a heating pad. NO ASPIRIN. Ibuprofen can be taken with Tylenol. Aspirin can thin the blood and increase bleeding. Ibuprofen will prevent the uterus from contracting.
  • Temperature elevation or fever: It is important to take your temperature every 12 hours, if your temp is above 100.4, recheck it. If it is still above 100.4 call us immediately. If you need to purchase a thermometer, you may do so at your local pharmacy.
  • Menstrual period: Your next menstrual period can be from 3-12 weeks after the surgery and may be heavier than normal.
  • Pregnancy symptoms: The signs of pregnancy usually disappear in 48-72 hours. Even though your pregnancy symptoms are gone it is still important to have you 6 week follow-up exam to be sure there are no other problems.
  • Breast enlargement: Lactation, milk production, and enlargement of the breast is not likely after an early termination, after the 14th week it is common. Wear a tight bra 24 hours a day to help prevent milk production. You may use Tylenol and ice packs for the pain. Do not stimulate the breasts. Avoid hot water in the shower. Put your back to the water. If your symptoms become severe, please call.
  • Activities after abortion: You may return to your normal activity the day after your surgery, unless you receive different instructions from the doctor.

For Several Hours Following an Abortion:

  • Do not drive, or use dangerous equipment for up to 24 hours if you have received IV sedation.
  • Do uterine massage for at least one (1) minute every 30 minutes for the next eight (8) hours.
  • Walk every hour for about 10-15 minutes for the next eight (8) hours.
  • Go eat a meal when you leave the clinic.


(Unless using the Medical Abortion Pill, which has no restrictions)

  • DO NOT use tampons for 1 week.
  • NO vaginal intercourse for 1 week.
  • NO alcoholic beverages until you have finished all your medications.
  • NO douching for 1 week.
  • NO feminine sprays, deodorants or perfumes to the vaginal area for 1 week.
  • After using the restroom remember to wipe front to back to prevent introducing bacteria from the rectum into the vagina.

Pregnancy tests can read positive for up to six (6) weeks post abortions.


Birth Control: You can become pregnant again right after your pregnancy ends. To avoid any unwanted or unplanned pregnancy start using birth control immediately.