October 12, 2016

Medical Abortion Pill

Medical Abortion Pill

Facts About First Trimester Abortion

Mifeprex is a pill that blocks the growth hormone to the pregnancy. This is given along with a few other medications to cause you to expel the pregnancy in the privacy of your own home. This type of procedure requires you to have two (2) follow-up appointments

Mifeprex is used to end early pregnancy. It is not approved for later term pregnancies, and is an option for up to eight (8) weeks and six (6) days since the first day of your last menstrual period (LMP). When using Mifeprex, you will also need to take another medication, Cytotec, 24 hours after taking the Mifeprex.

Less than 2% of women who take Mifeprex will need a surgical procedure to end the pregnancy or to stop bleeding.

How a First Trimester Abortion is Done

24 hours after taking the Mifeprex you will take a series of four (4) Cytotec tablets over three (3) hours. You placeĀ  one (1) tablet in your upper cheek and jaw for about an hour and it dissolves. An hour later repeat on the other side. An hour after the second dose you place two (2) tablets in your upper jaw, on each side, for about an hour and let them dissolve. Cytotec causes cramping and bleeding, and may also cause nausea, diarrhea, and other symptoms. This is the pill which causes your uterus to expel any products of conception. You will receive the necessary medications (including for the pain of cramping) in the clinic, and follow-up instructions, including what you should do in the event of a complication.

You will need to make an appointment for a check-up visit, usually about two (2) weeks after the abortion. This appointment only takes about ten (10) minutes. If you were found to still be pregnant or have any products of conception remaining in your uterus we would offer the surgical procedure at no cost (See 1st Trimester Surgical).

There are no restrictions following a medical abortion.

Pregnancy tests can read positive for up to six (6) weeks post abortions.


Birth control: You can become pregnant again right after your pregnancy ends. To avoid any unwanted or unplanned pregnancy start using birth control immediately.