November 1, 2016

Our Board

All of Abortion Access Fund, Inc.’s board members are clinic staff and their work with AAF is all volunteer.

We are currently in the process of creating an Advisory Committee with representatives from various support agencies. We are looking for people interested in sitting on this board who work with sexual assault victims, the LGBTQ+ community, and/or in the field of law. If you think you may be qualified and would like to be considered please contact us.

Medical Director

leroy carhart

LeRoy Carhart, M.D.

Dr. LeRoy Carhart co-founded AAF in May of 2000. He has been dedicated to providing abortion care for decades. His compassion and strongly held belief that abortion is a basic right that should be available to all women has driven his career and advocacy for many years. He has donated much of his personal time and money to this cause and continues to ensure access for women through AAF and his clinic, AbortionClinics.Org.


mary carhart

Mary Carhart

Mary Lou Carhart, wife of Dr. LeRoy Carhart, co-founded the Abortion Access Fund in May of 2000 and is the President of the fund. She is a mother and grandmother who has been fighting for a woman’s right to choose since before Roe v. Wade. Mary is a strong figure in AAF and in the clinic. She strives to ensure access to women seeking abortion care.


Chelsea is the Director of the Abortion Access Fund, Inc. and has been at AbortionClinics.Org for over a year as the Assistant Clinic Administrator. She is a mother of two and has lived in Nebraska most of her life. Chelsea has a Bachelor Degree in Science and a Master’s Degree in Public Health, specializing in maternal and child health. She believes strongly that abortion is a fundamental human right and strives to make it accessible to every woman who needs one. Chelsea has built a strong relationship with community partners to form an advisory board and referral system for women of all backgrounds; especially, domestic violence/sexual assault survivors, sex trafficking survivors, LGBTQ identified individuals, and immigrants/non-English speaking women.


Ashley is the Office Manager of AbortionClinics.Org and has been at the clinic for over five years. She is a mother of two boys and was born and raised in Nebraska. She is an expert at breaking down abortion stigma and treating all of our patients equally, regardless of their circumstance. Ashley specializes in assisting patients with obtaining financial aid for their abortions, and related expenses. She has worked tirelessly at forming strong partnerships with multiple funding agencies across the United States, which you can find on our “Find Funding” page.